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27 May 2011 @ 06:25 pm
Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can't remember  

About you
My name is: Leizl
Gender: Female
Because we do respect the lj code here, are you over 13?: I'm turning 20 next month.
How has your day been so far? (Just curious): Fine, thank you! I just had sweet potatoes and butter for my afternoon snack, and I feel good :)

More about you
What are your hobbies/talents/interests?: photography, reading, writing, doodling, learning languages, linguistics, different cultures, playing the ocarina
Give us 5 positive adjectives to describe yourself: smiley, considerate, inquisitive, loving, dorky
Give us 5 negative adjectives to describe yourself: irritable, crammer, proud, insecure, lazy
And what do you think your best quality is?: my ability to appreciate most people, things or places that others don't care about.
And what is your worst?: ...lack of respect for parents? I talk to my parents the way I talk to my friends, and when I voice my opinions and stuff, I usually end up disrespecting them. I don't really mean to, but I think I have to change the way I treat them :(
What do you think draws other people to you?: A few people told me that they love my smile. My friends call me "divine intervention"- maybe they like how I listen to them and/or give them advice & encouragement.

Your favorites
Books: mostly children's literature. The Chronicles of Narnia, A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Amber Brown series... I could go on, but the list will bore you :))
Movies: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Last Life in the Universe, Kamome Diner, Water Boys, August Rush, most Disney and Pixar movies
Music/bands: CCM, British alternative/pop bands, classical music, instrumentals, Jpop, Jrock, and this wonderful Thai band called The Bottom Blues.
Animals: pandas, wolves, dolphins, penguins, turtles.
Quotes/sayings/lyrics: I have lots, but currently I'm loving the lyrics to A Heart to Hold You by Keane.

Are you more...
Introverted or extroverted: somewhere in between. I've been called "reserved" once, if that helps.
Confident or shy: confident
Kind or selfish: I help people and am a willing listener, but in all honesty I'm more selfish.
Optimistic or pessimistic: optimistic
Mature or immature: mature with occasional immature moments.
A leader or a follower: leader
Impulsive or cautious: cautious
Disorganized or systematic: systematic, except for my room and my school bag :P

Mr. Miyazaki
First Miyazaki movie you saw? How old were you and did you like the movie then?: Spirited Away. My cousin showed it to me because he knew I liked anime. I think I was about 10 at the time.
Favorite Miyazaki movie?: My Neighbors the Yamadas. Such an entertaining, touching movie.
Least favorite Miyazaki movie?: Pom Poko
Favorite character from a Miyazaki movie?: Calcifer
If you could magically become one character out of a Miyazaki film for one day, who would you want to be?: Ponyo! I want to be run around and be excite about everything.

Would you prefer a same gender stamp or all that's listed?: Both, please :)
Anything else you feel like adding while you're at it?: It's been a long time since I last joined a stamping comm. Things are a bit different now, with the themes and all that. Thanks (in advance) for voting! :)

Please include links to ALL applications you've voted on: