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A stamping community for Hayao Miyazaki's movies.

Miyazaki stamps
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A stamping community for characters from Hayao Miyazaki's movies


This is miyazaki_stamps: lj's only Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki -related stamping community.

HERE is where you'll find the regular character options.
► If you haven't seen some of the movies the characters are from, HERE is where I usually go if I need help. Just click on the movie title and there should be a characters -section and brief descriptions there.
► If you have any suggestions for themes etc., feel free to comment HERE with your suggestions.
► Don't know what stamping is? Don't worry! HERE is a step-by-step guide made by the wonderful kaelakaelakaela.

♫ You must first join in order to be able to post.
♫ You must be over 13 years old to be able to post (it's the lj code, nothing I can do about it).
♫ Be nice to others and don't insult anyone. If you are mean to anyone in this community, you might get banned.
♫ Use lj-cuts when posting your applications. (Don't know how? → Read the livejournal FAQ)
♫ Please vote on all unstamped applications before posting your own. That way people get stamped faster. Include links to all the applications you've voted on in your application.
♫ Be honest and be yourself. That means no character pushing or roleplaying as a character.

♪ You don't have to be stamped before you can vote. So vote vote vote! :)
♪ Please bold your votes, it's easier to stamp people when the votes are bolded (Don't know how? → Just put <*b>your vote<*/b> and remove the stars!).
♪ If you really can't decide between two characters, you may vote for both of them. But no more than two!
♪ Don't sheepvote. Please take the time to read an application yourself and form your own opinion. Don't just vote like everyone else is voting and don't just vote so that you can quickly post your own application.
♪ Please check that the character you're voting for is an option before you vote.
♪ If you're not satisfied with who you were stamped as, or think it doesn't fit you, you can do a re-stamp. Just post your application again and put "Stamped as *character name here* // Re-stamp" You're allowed to do two re-stamps.

& You can ask for a male and female stamp at the same time in the regular application :) However, you cannot ask for an animal stamp because there are limited animal characters as main options.
& Once you are stamped you can do up to two themes at a time.

★ Put "Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can't remember." in the subject line so that we know you've read the rules.
application + themes;

Regular application (already in HTML and has an lj-cut made for you):


► Once you have a regular stamp you are free to participate in our monthly themes!
► All themes will be open all the time, so you can do which themes you prefer.
► Put who you were stamped (regular) as, and the theme name in the subject line. Like this: Stamped as *character name* // *theme name*


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